Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafting and Friends...

The cookies turned out great! I've never seen Rowdy more excited about any treat we've ever bought him like he is about these. So I'll say that they are a hit and a huge success! YAY!!!

I've been helping my friend Ashley make Halloween costumes. She was talking to a customer when she was at work the other day and mentioned that the item the customer was buying would make a great base for a Halloween costume and the next thing you know the girl is paying for us to make everything for it! It's been a lot of fun. She is going to be a lady bug and so is her little 1 yr. old daughter. So we've been making wings and antennae and we glittered some shoes. Then she brought us her friend who also wanted us to help make her costume so now we are making her into a "fairy witch." She wanted wings and a hat... that's what we came up with. So far they are both just too cute! I also had someone want to buy one of my guest trees from my Etsy shop so it's just been a crafting storm here at the house! Baking, painting, hot gluing, glittering... Its been a blast.

So I realize my blog is super lame.

I guess since I don't really have any friends around town, I really just need a place to type out all of the things that I would normally talk to a friend about... So, If you are reading this, then Thanks Friend! I will gladly check out any blog, vlog, comments, emails, IM chats, any kind of media where I can return the favor and read about your life and the everyday activites that get you through the week.

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