Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafting and Friends...

The cookies turned out great! I've never seen Rowdy more excited about any treat we've ever bought him like he is about these. So I'll say that they are a hit and a huge success! YAY!!!

I've been helping my friend Ashley make Halloween costumes. She was talking to a customer when she was at work the other day and mentioned that the item the customer was buying would make a great base for a Halloween costume and the next thing you know the girl is paying for us to make everything for it! It's been a lot of fun. She is going to be a lady bug and so is her little 1 yr. old daughter. So we've been making wings and antennae and we glittered some shoes. Then she brought us her friend who also wanted us to help make her costume so now we are making her into a "fairy witch." She wanted wings and a hat... that's what we came up with. So far they are both just too cute! I also had someone want to buy one of my guest trees from my Etsy shop so it's just been a crafting storm here at the house! Baking, painting, hot gluing, glittering... Its been a blast.

So I realize my blog is super lame.

I guess since I don't really have any friends around town, I really just need a place to type out all of the things that I would normally talk to a friend about... So, If you are reading this, then Thanks Friend! I will gladly check out any blog, vlog, comments, emails, IM chats, any kind of media where I can return the favor and read about your life and the everyday activites that get you through the week.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3rd Birthdays and Doggy Treats!

Today (well, yesterday now...) was my puppy's 3rd birthday! Matthew had to work, but he has tomorrow (well, today now...) off from work, so we are going to celebrate the pupster's birthday (hopefully) with a trip to the park and maybe Petco. It's gonna be puppy pamper day. I'm even baking homemade puppy cookies!! I'm not going to lie, those suckers smell SOOO good right now baking in the oven. Technically I could eat them seeing as they are just flour, water, peanut butter, and oatmeal. I threw in some cinnamon and a little bit of apple chunks just to spice it up a bunch. The weather has been so perfect lately (very fall like) and it IS October, so I decided to add some fall flavors into his cookies. Everyone else is doing the apple/cinnamon thing... Wendy's, McDonalds, Cracker Barrel... why not me?! I might try one, just to see if they taste too much like flour, because I had to keep adding teaspoons of flour to get the right consistancy. I still don't think I got it right because it was supposed to be a dough that you roll out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters, but instead mine was a little sticky and I did drop cookies. I was just worried that they would taste like flour instead of apple cinnamon peanut butter yumminess. They smell like apple cinnamon peanut butter yumminess, so I guess we'll see...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boring days and the Healthy way to clean... lol

You know it's hard to think about something to write about every day. I don't see how people do it. Once a week bloggers? I can get behind that. I mean that gives you a whole 7 days to have something interesting happen to you. Life is boring sometimes... Like today, the most exciting thing that happened today was the possibility of a tornado. There could have been a tornado in town. Was there? No. It just rained really hard for about 30 minutes. Then it stopped. It might have sprinkled off and on since then, but that was the HIGHLIGHT of my day. That, and lunch with Matthew, but even lunch was just eh... What do you do when your life is just "eh...?" I mean, stay at home Moms must be going out of their MINDS!!!! I don't think I can take another day of just sitting around the house. It's too hot or too muggy or too rainy to go outside lately, so I'm stuck in this messy house with not much motivation to clean it so I just fill out applications all day and then wait for Matthew to come home. My life is being defined by meals. Oh what will I do until Lunch time? What do I do until it's Dinner time? I need to start working out. Maybe that's what I'll do "between meals"... I'll just work out. Maybe I'll get all toned and skinny. That would be SWEET! Maybe that's what I'll start blogging about? ... Probably not, but it'll give me something to do while I wait for people to call me back and it'll put me in better shape and I'll probably start eating healthier too, which will mean Matthew might be eating a little healthier too. So this is a great idea! Heathly living means more energy which means CLEANER HOUSE! Done. That's my logic folks. If I work out then my house will get cleaner. LOL! Wow...

Thursday, September 22, 2011 and getting used to not changing...

Apparently someone has posted the link to my blog on a website called I tried to check it out and it seems like the moderator of that site is kind of a dick, but whatevs, as long as it gets my blog out there and maybe people will see it and like it, then who cares right? I'm still kind of finding my way into this blogging thing. I've basically been rambling on for the past few days about stupid shit. Mostly about me and Matt, my husband. Speaking of Matt, you know I thought marriage was going to be different. I mean, sure we'd been living together for like 4 years, but I thought maybe when we got married things would change. They haven't. We still live in this house we are renting with our roommate, who shall remain nameless (I mean, he usually keeps to himself. He's quiet when he isn't screaming bloody murder at his TV while playing COD or Madden on his Xbox). I don't know what I really thought was going to be different though. Like magically we'd both be super mature grownups and it would be like the 50's. He'd come home from work and kiss me on the cheek as I finished making dinner (of course I'd be all dolled up and in heels). The dog would bring Matt his slippers and then lay down next to him as he sat in his favorite chair and read the paper. I mean, who reads the newspaper anymore? I feel like the house should be immaculate and everything should be PERFECT and it's not. Nor will it ever be that way. I don't know where this weird dream fantasy came from but it's sure hard to shake. I love Matt and I love being married to him. I guess it's hard to let go of the planning stages of marriage for the actual MARRIED part of marriage. Now that we are married I feel like I have to sit down and concoct some life plan for the two of us. No more winging it! You're married now! Maybe we should though. I don't know, I've never been married before. ;) I'm new to all this stuff. Anybody out there married? Did you go through this "phase?" What should I do? The only thing I was worried about was changing my last name on all my paperwork and IDs. That was easy. Yet I still find myself signing my maiden name. I guess there's a lot of things I need to get used to...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nazi Mosquito

There is a mosquito in my house. It is stealthily attacking my body. I don't know why they attack me and not Matt. We could be standing side by side and I'll have 7 or 8 bites in one minute and Matt will have 0, none, zip, zilch. WTF!? Well according to a blog I found on this very subject ( apparently I smell good, wear pretty clothes, and I must be just smoking hot! Or in human terms, I must sweat a lot (no, not really), wear dark clothing which retains heat better (this could be true, however today I am wearing white), and give off more heat than Matthew. If any of you know me/us, you'd know that it should be MATT that is getting attacked according to this information. He's the sweaty boy who is like a freaking heater! I just don't get it and I would like to formally conclude that mosquitoes are useless and I wish them all dead. Along with roaches, who also are useless and they creep me out. Did I mention that I hate bugs? **shudder**

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cleaning Mode!

I feel like now that Matt and I are married, I have to throw away all of our useless junk (for any of the male readers, please notice I did say OUR junk, not HIS junk... though he does have his fair share). So I'm thinking about having a yard sale this weekend if the weather clears up. Matt had today off from work so we ran some errands (which included a trip to buy Gears of War 3 for him) but we had a deal to clean out our spare room, which has become a refuge for Matthew's games and toys from his youth ie: baseball cards, dragonball Z cards, transformers, VHS videos, PS2 and other games. This room looks like the 80's/early 90's threw up all over the place. We put his old bed in there along with his massive amount of pillows so it's completely crowded and it looks like he and Rowdy have made their own little man's nest in there. It's so funny to walk back there and see Matt playing PS2 sitting on the floor leaned up against the bed while Rowdy sprawls out amidst the 15+ pillows and sheets. Sometimes you can't even see Rowdy because he will literally bury himself. So needless to say the room is creepy and must be destroyed. So I decided to make a deal with Matthew, if he helped me go through that room and determine what needed to be sold at the yard sale and help me box it up or stack it up, then he could play Gears of War the rest of the night with no interruptions. Poor Matthew, did I mention he has ADD and for some reason MUST turn on the TV while he cleans, which distracts him to the point of stopping for each show that catches his interest? I got the linens out and his toys stacked against a wall and the bed up before he quit, made a pallet on the floor out of the 15+ pillows and laid down to watch TV. Not as much work as I was hoping to get done, but better than nothing. Tomorrow I think I'll unplug all the TVs so that we can ACTUALLY make some progress in this sorting/cleaning phase. I've been watching that show "Hoarders" and I'm afraid if we don't do some serious chucking of junk that we might end up that way. I see some of the things I do or say or think in those people and it freaks me out. There are random things that I have saved for "just in case" or because I got it on sale or "it's still good" or "I can fix that." I don't want to end up like those people, so I've just started trashing stuff or donating it. Do you ever get in that kind of mood? You know where you look around and go "what IS all this crap?" That's basically where I'm at. Matthew and I have both been on our own for quite a few years now, so when we got engaged, we didn't really need all the typical wedding gifts. We have 2 toasters, 3 coffee makers, 3 crock pots, blenders, choppers, grills 5 TVs!!!, VCRs, DVD players, 3 stereos... the list goes on and we've just kept it all!! So it's time to sell it. If there's anything you need, speak now! Otherwise we are yard selling it and saving up to buy ourselves a new bed and then maybe start saving to buy a house. Yea, bed first THEN a house. We have our priorities straight!