Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3rd Birthdays and Doggy Treats!

Today (well, yesterday now...) was my puppy's 3rd birthday! Matthew had to work, but he has tomorrow (well, today now...) off from work, so we are going to celebrate the pupster's birthday (hopefully) with a trip to the park and maybe Petco. It's gonna be puppy pamper day. I'm even baking homemade puppy cookies!! I'm not going to lie, those suckers smell SOOO good right now baking in the oven. Technically I could eat them seeing as they are just flour, water, peanut butter, and oatmeal. I threw in some cinnamon and a little bit of apple chunks just to spice it up a bunch. The weather has been so perfect lately (very fall like) and it IS October, so I decided to add some fall flavors into his cookies. Everyone else is doing the apple/cinnamon thing... Wendy's, McDonalds, Cracker Barrel... why not me?! I might try one, just to see if they taste too much like flour, because I had to keep adding teaspoons of flour to get the right consistancy. I still don't think I got it right because it was supposed to be a dough that you roll out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters, but instead mine was a little sticky and I did drop cookies. I was just worried that they would taste like flour instead of apple cinnamon peanut butter yumminess. They smell like apple cinnamon peanut butter yumminess, so I guess we'll see...

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