Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boring days and the Healthy way to clean... lol

You know it's hard to think about something to write about every day. I don't see how people do it. Once a week bloggers? I can get behind that. I mean that gives you a whole 7 days to have something interesting happen to you. Life is boring sometimes... Like today, the most exciting thing that happened today was the possibility of a tornado. There could have been a tornado in town. Was there? No. It just rained really hard for about 30 minutes. Then it stopped. It might have sprinkled off and on since then, but that was the HIGHLIGHT of my day. That, and lunch with Matthew, but even lunch was just eh... What do you do when your life is just "eh...?" I mean, stay at home Moms must be going out of their MINDS!!!! I don't think I can take another day of just sitting around the house. It's too hot or too muggy or too rainy to go outside lately, so I'm stuck in this messy house with not much motivation to clean it so I just fill out applications all day and then wait for Matthew to come home. My life is being defined by meals. Oh what will I do until Lunch time? What do I do until it's Dinner time? I need to start working out. Maybe that's what I'll do "between meals"... I'll just work out. Maybe I'll get all toned and skinny. That would be SWEET! Maybe that's what I'll start blogging about? ... Probably not, but it'll give me something to do while I wait for people to call me back and it'll put me in better shape and I'll probably start eating healthier too, which will mean Matthew might be eating a little healthier too. So this is a great idea! Heathly living means more energy which means CLEANER HOUSE! Done. That's my logic folks. If I work out then my house will get cleaner. LOL! Wow...

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