Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cleaning Mode!

I feel like now that Matt and I are married, I have to throw away all of our useless junk (for any of the male readers, please notice I did say OUR junk, not HIS junk... though he does have his fair share). So I'm thinking about having a yard sale this weekend if the weather clears up. Matt had today off from work so we ran some errands (which included a trip to buy Gears of War 3 for him) but we had a deal to clean out our spare room, which has become a refuge for Matthew's games and toys from his youth ie: baseball cards, dragonball Z cards, transformers, VHS videos, PS2 and other games. This room looks like the 80's/early 90's threw up all over the place. We put his old bed in there along with his massive amount of pillows so it's completely crowded and it looks like he and Rowdy have made their own little man's nest in there. It's so funny to walk back there and see Matt playing PS2 sitting on the floor leaned up against the bed while Rowdy sprawls out amidst the 15+ pillows and sheets. Sometimes you can't even see Rowdy because he will literally bury himself. So needless to say the room is creepy and must be destroyed. So I decided to make a deal with Matthew, if he helped me go through that room and determine what needed to be sold at the yard sale and help me box it up or stack it up, then he could play Gears of War the rest of the night with no interruptions. Poor Matthew, did I mention he has ADD and for some reason MUST turn on the TV while he cleans, which distracts him to the point of stopping for each show that catches his interest? I got the linens out and his toys stacked against a wall and the bed up before he quit, made a pallet on the floor out of the 15+ pillows and laid down to watch TV. Not as much work as I was hoping to get done, but better than nothing. Tomorrow I think I'll unplug all the TVs so that we can ACTUALLY make some progress in this sorting/cleaning phase. I've been watching that show "Hoarders" and I'm afraid if we don't do some serious chucking of junk that we might end up that way. I see some of the things I do or say or think in those people and it freaks me out. There are random things that I have saved for "just in case" or because I got it on sale or "it's still good" or "I can fix that." I don't want to end up like those people, so I've just started trashing stuff or donating it. Do you ever get in that kind of mood? You know where you look around and go "what IS all this crap?" That's basically where I'm at. Matthew and I have both been on our own for quite a few years now, so when we got engaged, we didn't really need all the typical wedding gifts. We have 2 toasters, 3 coffee makers, 3 crock pots, blenders, choppers, grills 5 TVs!!!, VCRs, DVD players, 3 stereos... the list goes on and we've just kept it all!! So it's time to sell it. If there's anything you need, speak now! Otherwise we are yard selling it and saving up to buy ourselves a new bed and then maybe start saving to buy a house. Yea, bed first THEN a house. We have our priorities straight!

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