Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nazi Mosquito

There is a mosquito in my house. It is stealthily attacking my body. I don't know why they attack me and not Matt. We could be standing side by side and I'll have 7 or 8 bites in one minute and Matt will have 0, none, zip, zilch. WTF!? Well according to a blog I found on this very subject ( apparently I smell good, wear pretty clothes, and I must be just smoking hot! Or in human terms, I must sweat a lot (no, not really), wear dark clothing which retains heat better (this could be true, however today I am wearing white), and give off more heat than Matthew. If any of you know me/us, you'd know that it should be MATT that is getting attacked according to this information. He's the sweaty boy who is like a freaking heater! I just don't get it and I would like to formally conclude that mosquitoes are useless and I wish them all dead. Along with roaches, who also are useless and they creep me out. Did I mention that I hate bugs? **shudder**

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